SuperFlash Tail Light Brackets

adem2 euromesh


All headrests are now pre-drilled for the SuperFlash Tail Light Bracket

Make sure you are seen with one of the most visible tail lights available, mounted up high on your headrest mast.

This bracket is designed for the Planet Bike Superflash. It may also accomodate other lights. It has a 7/16" diameter counterbore for mounting the light. All attachment utilizes self-threading screws into the plastic bracket to eliminate nuts and lock washers.

All new masts come pre-drilled for the Superflash bracket so drilling is not normally required for installation. If the bracket is being installed on an older mast without holes, a drilling template is available under the Support Information tab at the top of this page. Just print it out.


With minor adjustments, the Superflash bracket can also be used to mount a Dinotte 300R or 400R tail light. To do so, the screw hole must be enlarged to 3/16" diameter and the #6 machine screw must be replaced with a #8 machine screw, approx. 7/8" long and a locking nut.

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SuperFlash Bracket: $15