The Arundel Stainless Steel Bottle Cage

Secure that bottle so it is there when you need it

Bottle cages were never designed to hold a bottle in an inverted, hanging position, as required on a recumbent seat. Many cages are not up to the task and the water bottle is lost when you need it most. The Arundel stainless steel cage is different. Rather than one long arm holding from the bottom, the bottle is restrained by two short, stiff arms from each side. The result is a stronger cage and a more secure bottle.

Buy it separately, or as a kit with the Carbon Seat Cage Mount. The kit contains two Arundel stainless steel bottle cages, a carbon seat mounting bracket, and all necessary mounting hardware.

I offer two standard sizes of the bracket:

Current Bacchetta carbon seats are just under 9" wide. The Small bracket is sized for the Bacchetta seats. (note older Bacchetta seats are wider)

M5 seats measure approximately 9.625" wide. The Medium bracket is sized for the M5 seats.

The bracket minimizes the drilling necessary to mount cages on the seat and helps protect the cage in the event of that inevitable fall.



Arundel Stainless Steel Bottle Cage: $24


Stainless Steel Cages and Bracket Kit: $58

Seat Width


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