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When I receive your order, I will send you a confirmation e-mail with a projected shipment date. I try to keep some headrests ready to ship, but often must assemble them. Week days are quite busy, therefore, it may be the end of the week before I can ship your order. Please bear with me and blame it on my REAL job.

Thank You for your business and I hope you enjoy the ADEM.


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I am currently set up for domestic shipping and international shipping to several countries. For customers outside the US, if your country is not yet included, your charges will not include shipping. I will bill you separately for shipping and add the country to the list at that time. I appologize for any inconvenience.

Domestic shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail. Most orders will cost around $10 shipping. If you desire faster delivery, contact me and I will bill you the additional (expensive) amount.

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I am extremely proud of the ADEM headrest and strive to provide good service to my customers. However, please understand that ADEM is a one man show. I developed the various designs and I alone manufacture and ship them. As most of you, I could not live on the proceeds of ADEM alone, so I work a full time day job as an Engineer. That leaves little time for ADEM during the work week. I assemble and ship most orders on my 3-day weekends. So, PLEASE UNDERSTAND, that while you may place an order at the first of the week, you may not hear anything until Friday or Saturday, when it will probably ship. If there is some unusual delay, I will notify you and should the delay be unacceptable, you always have the option to receive a full refund. If you have some unusually pressing need, please tell me in the "Instructions to Seller" field when ordering. I will try to accomodate when possible. I hope your ADEM products satisfy your expectations and I appreciate your patience.

Thanks, Don

ADEM 2 for the Bacchetta EuroMesh seat ADEM 2C for Hard Shell Seats ADEM 2H for the RANS Hoagie Seat ADEM 2R for the Bacchetta Recurve Seat
bottle cage mount dave-o bottle cage arundel stainless steel cage
SuperFlash Light Bracket Carbon Seat Bottle Cage Mount Arundel Dave-O Carbon Cage Arundel Stainless Steel Cage
Anodized Mast Assembly Anodized Mast Upholstered Foam Pad