The ADEM 2 Headrest for Euromesh seats

adem2 euromesh

All headrests are now pre-drilled for the SuperFlash Tail Light Bracket

The ADEM 2 securely attaches to the EuroMesh seat in minutes using the included plastic zip tie fasteners.

Vertical adjustment and complete removal of the mast is easily accomplished by simply flexing the locking tab to disengage the velcro. Adjustment can even be made without leaving the seat.

Fore/aft adjustment is made by minor bending of the aluminum mast.

The ADEM 2 comes standard with the extremely comfortable Upholstered Pad with water-proof, fast-drying and breathable EZ-Dri foam and a washable cover. The comfort of the pad is enhanced with two layers of foam. The soft top layer gently conforms to to the neck and the bottom layer is firmer for support and longevity.

The Standard version will fit most riders up to about 6 ft. tall. The Tall version provides an additional 2.5" of height.

CAUTION: Select the correct size for your height. Do not overextend the mast height or failure of the mounting bracket could result and potentially cause in loss of control. A MAX mark is provided on the mast to indicate max extension.

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 ADEM 2 Standard: $120



ADEM 2 Tall: $130


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The following photos show the correct location of the pad against the head and illustrate the range of height adjustment available with the standard ADEM 2.

NOTE that the pad is against the NECK and BELOW THE HELMET

min. height 2 inchesmax height 6 inches

The adjustment range of the standard ADEM 2 is 2" to 6" as shown.

The adjustment range of the ADEM 2 Tall is 5" to 8.5".

The Upholstered Pad has an additional set of offset mounting holes which can be used to extend the range 1 inch either higher or lower.