Totally adjustable and removable....

The ADEM 2 utilizes a plastic mounting track that is fixed to the seat and a mast/pad assembly that slides into the track. The mast is secured in position by a locking tab with an area of velcro that engages velcro on the mast.

Adjustment of the mast height or its removal is easily accomplished by flexing the locking tab to disengage the velcro tab.

There are no separate parts to get lost and small adjustments are easily made.

adem 2 on seatThe mast can adjust down, nearly to the top of the seat frame to accomodate very short riders.

The height is adjustable upward over a range of nearly four inches, to fit taller riders.

DO NOTE, HOWEVER, that at the highest position, significantly more flex will be felt in the mast.

With a little effort, the height of the ADEM 2 can even be adjusted without leaving the seat.

That being said, in-seat adjustment is not as easily accomplished with the Cat Eye light installed.

Once the Mast assembly has been removed from the seat, nothing remains protruding to get in the way. This makes insertion of the bike inside vehicles much easier for transportation.

A small area of the bottom of the pad has not been glued to the backing plate. This allows the backing plate and mast tab to be held with pliars to easily tweak the angle of the pad.


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