Introducing the New ZoteFoam Pad and Stainless Steel Hardware....

adem 2 headrest

The ADEM 2 and ADEM 2C with the new pad and hardware

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New shock absorbent / floating pad mounting system

New mounting hardware for the ADEM 2C


After receiving a number of requests for a nicer pad on the ADEM, I undertook a project to locate a more attractive and comfortable pad. To my surprise, I found the market was quite limited for the small quantity of pads I could reasonably use. Most manufacturers want quantities in the 1000's to even quote a price. I did however, find a material that showed a lot of promise, a closed cell foam called ZoteFoam. It machines like soft wood and when finished, can be buffed to raise a soft nap, like suede or flannel. So I purchased the necessary, rediculously large, quantity of ZoteFoam and am now making the pads myself. I have been riding my prototype for the last 3 months and really like it. I find it both more attractive and much more comfortable than the old pipe insulation pad and the nappy finish is quite nice on the neck.

I hope you share my enthusiasm....with the large amount of foam I purchased, there's no turning back.


In addition to the new pad, I have also changed the method of attaching the pad to the mast. The pad is now suspended in two rubber grommets which add shock absorbsion and also allow the pad to "float" to the angle of the rider's neck. This greatly decreases the need to tweek the mast's front bend and adds comfort to the ride. I often even ride the pad over rumble strips....with no blurred vision.

The pad is attached by two 4 mm stainless steel screws which thread into brass inserts in the pad backing plate, resuling in a clean, rust resistant assembly.


The ADEM 2C now also uses stainless steel thread cutting screws to attach the support bracket to the hard shell seat. The screws thread into holes in the bracket so there are no protruding nuts on the back side to interfere with a seat bag.


Thanks for your support in the past and I hope you appreciate the improvements in the ADEM 2 headrest.