The ADEM Headrest Provides the Important Difference

The efficiency of a recumbent depends highly on the bike's aerodynamics, which means it is necessary to recline the seat for the best performance. The reclined position, however greatly increases the stress on your neck and can quickly lead to nagging neck pain that can cut your ride short.

The ADEM 2 provides Support so you can Really Recline

The ADEM 2 is the only headrest designed for installation on the Bacchetta Euromesh seat.

Other models available include the ADEM 2C for hardshell seats, the ADEM 2R for the Bacchetta Recurve seat and the ADEM 2H for the RANS Hoagie seat.

All ADEM 2 headrests offers the same adjustability and are completely removable with no tools. They have been engineered to securely mount on the seat and provide controlled flex to absorb road vibration. Aluminum and plastic construction resists deterioration from harsh outdoor exposure. Adjustability is provided by interlocking Velcro tape which also allows quick removal of the mast, leaving only the mounting bracket tucked away on the back of the seat.


While ADEM LLC developed around the ADEM headrest, I found there were other unique items which could benefit the recumbent community. I have attempted to provide a source for a few of them.

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